volvo repair shop?

does anyone know the name of the auto repair shop in long valley that does volvo repairs? Or any recommendations? I need to have someone look at my car

Oct '08

A Resident
Oct '08

I think you mean Long Valley Garage. Larry Costa used to own it. He is now retired. He had quite a few fans, including me. He worked on my Volvo for about 12 years, until I sold it. Great mechanic and a man with a heart of gold.

Nov '08

I take my Volvo to DTA Automotive in Budd Lake. I used to go to Larry, but when he left I left. I tried the dealer but that was a huge hassle. Good luck.

Jay N.
Dec '08

Ray McLaughlin, Hackettstown Motor Imports, Stiger St, H'town. We've been customers for going on 20 years. He and his crew have taken excellent care of our various Volvos, 240s and an 850, as well as our Hondas and Toyotas. Once the Beemer service contract expires, we'll take that to Ray, as well. Honest, reasonable and he tells you when the work isn't worth doing, too.

Jan '09

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