Burglaries around town

A few weeks ago there were 3 burglaries- 2 on Wehrli and one on Pleasant Grove. Just the other day Cindy Lane was hit.

I received the following in a forwarded message tonight:

I'm sure you may have heard by now about the burglaries/attempted burglaries around town; the most recently publicized being on Cindy and Spring Lanes. Today, a house on Arbor was hit....a witness stated she saw what she thought was a silver van parked down the street. Well, in the other incidents, a silver (presumed) Dodge pick up truck was spotted, usually a few doors down. In these instances, the houses were being cased by an approximately 19 year old female with a lip ring and dark hair. She rings the bell or knocks, and if someone is home, pretends to ask if "someone" (last name used was Samantha..) is home. If no one answers, it is presumed they may strike. The woman that answered on Cindy reported to the police that when she said this person did not live there, that the girl walked a few houses down the round and got into a silver truck. This woman then reported the incident to the police.

PLEASE...if you see a suspicious silver vehicle in your neighborhood or in your travels, CALL THE POLICE and report it. Hopefully with enough aware residents, we can help put an end to this string of burglaries before anyone else suffers a loss.

skeeter skeeter
Mar '12

We had someone ring our bell (Carriage Hill) and quickly took off across the front lawn (we are assuming our two dogs barking did the trick).
We are always watching but are now extra vigilant.

Has there been any updates about this? Is entry forced?

Mar '12

Another burglary on Fieldstone this weekend. Keep an eye out everyone.

Mar '12

a week ago a tall slim guy rang my doorbell on Janet Drive i did not open the door since i did not recognice the person, i did not see a car on my driveway or street. did not call police because this was before a heard about the burglaries

jaime jaime
Mar '12

WRNJ reported 9 burglaries occurred in Mt. Olive recently. Broken windows to gain entry is reportedly the way it is being done. Be aware and take precautions.

Today two people were arrested in LV for the robberies...no details yet but way to go LVPD!

Mar '12

Do the arrests have anything to do with the activity on Schooleys Mtn Rd at 6 tonight? I was stopped in traffic as at least 15 cops flew past me, k-9 dog and guns drawn. As I was able to move I saw a male cuffed and face down surrounded by at least 8 cops. I hope this has something to do with the burglaries. Pretty scary stuff.

2thebeach 2thebeach
Mar '12

Yes, 2 arrested but police said to stay alert because there are numerous other break-ins that these 2 people were not responsible for.

twoguys2 twoguys2
Mar '12

What you saw on Schooley's Mtn Road had NOTHING to do with the burglaries! A passenger in one of three cars involved in an accident at the General Store ran and a scuffle and chase ensued. Also read that the two arrested were responsible for SOME but not ALL of the recent burglaries so stay vigilant!

RIGHT! had nothing to do with the burglaries. No connection whatsoever. I was saying "yes" to ValleyMom2 NOT 2the beach!

twoguys2 twoguys2
Mar '12

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