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pet sitter?

I am looking for a pet sitter that will come to Mendham? Would love if anyone had any recomendations. THANKS SO MUCH!

submitted 6 days ago by kate

Electrical Supply Stores

Does anyone know of any wholesale electrical supply stores in the area? That sell to homeowners, not just contractors. No looking for Home Depot or Lowes. Thanks.

submitted 7 days ago by MikeS

Wood Pellets for Pellet Stove

Any suggestions for wood pellets for this heating season?

submitted 1 week ago by Elizabeth


Who is the best deal for propane if the tank is owned?

submitted 1 week ago by John62

Outdoor Wood Boiler


I am interested in moving to LV and was wondering if anyone has an Outdoor Wood Boiler to heat their house and water. Not looking at a house in a development, rather something on a few acres or more in some of the more rural settings.

Thanks for the help.

submitted 1 week ago by John62

Let's Start An Exchange! For Small Dogs Only!

Small Dog Boarding Exchange

I have a loving 3 year old small female dog which has never been boarded.

I'd like to find similar people with a small dog that we can help each other with boarding if a weekend or vacation is planned.

Someone who would take my dog in and treat them as their own, as I would do for them, instead of taking them to a boring, possibly contagious boarding facility or compound.

I have found one other person and it has been successful. But it would be nice to develop a small group of people to cover... More

submitted 1 week ago by Lucy

Missing dogs

Hello All,

My two dogs ran away. They are large yellow lab looking mutts. They were last seen about an hour ago on Kim lane up on the mountain. They are friendly and are trustworthy with children. If you see them please call my cell 973-229-9010.

Thank you!

submitted 3 weeks ago by Jesse

Bulletin boards to put up flyers

Hi Everyone, I am trying to identify where to put up my flyer with pull-off tabs, other than Shoprite. Any ideas? Many thanks.

submitted 3 weeks ago by Jolee

2014 Kevin M. Walsh Fireworks Festival

Does anyone have any info on whether the Washington Township Community Events Organization (WTCEO) is still in operation and whether there will be the annual Kevin M. Walsh Fireworks Festival and Long Valley Parade?

The WTCEO website, phone, e-mail is not operational - so it doesn't look good. Also tried contacting the administration building of LV but they do no have any solid info on this organization.


submitted August 12th by honey badger

Happy birthday sandy Gaskill

Love your kids

submitted August 10th by Mike Gaskill


Does anyone know if you need a permit to have one of those fully assembled sheds put on your property?

submitted August 9th by Rbc

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