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moving to long valley

We are thinking of moving to long valley.My question is which is a better place to live, the valley or mountain?. Which has better schools? Or is it really what town you want to be near? We live in chester now.

submitted 19 hours ago by kate

House Cleaning

Anyone have a good recommendation of a good house cleaner? Would rather a local small business over a large chain. Any recommendations of someone that is trustworthy, good at what they do, and reasonably priced would be much appreciated.

submitted 3 days ago by John

Rin Robyn Pools OPEN all year round!

Rin Robyn Pools OPEN all year round!Hello all! Just wanted to let you know that Rin Robyn Pools (21 Route 46, Hackettstown- Next to STS) is open all year round!

We are more than just a pool store as we offer gorgeous and unique outdoor living products that are perfect all year round:

~Propane, gel and electric heaters
~Table top, free standing and wall mount heaters
~Danish designed mobile Bon-fire kitchen. A variety of accessories including stew pots, pans, grill grids, pancake pans, BBQ pan and poptop make it possible to broaden your horizons for cooking outdoors!
~The unique Big Green Egg and EGGcessories bring new meaning to outdoor cooking. Its... More

submitted 3 days ago by Rin Robyn Pools

School Project help

I am a masters of Occupational Therapy Student and one of our projects is an advocacy assignment where we have to pick something in our home town that needs to change. This can be as simple as building a ramp somewhere to creating a group like a teen social skills group. Its basically anything that the community needs improvement in. I was thinking of doing something with the teen population, does anyone know what the status of the teen center is? Also, does anyone have any ideas that would better our community?

submitted 5 days ago by Danielle G

Triple Fun Weekend at Ort Farms

In addition to our pumpkin picking, hayrides, maze, pony rides and train rides we have 3 SPECIAL Events for this weekend.

1. Monster Truck and Flashlight Night Friday: Flashlght night starts at 6:15! Cost is $7.95 per person and includes the maze, hayride, 1 cider and 1 donut.
The Monster Truck will also be running and the cost is an additional $5 per ride.

2. Bonfire Bash Saturday October 25th Campfire Night!! Starting at 6:15 all maze and hayride entrances must pay the price for this package. This package is $9.95 and includes a hayride, maze, bonfire celebration and 1 cup of cider... More

submitted 1 week ago by Ort Farms

Rabies Shots

When are free rabies shots being given in Long Valley?

submitted 1 week ago by Luvlongvalley

Found Cat on Flocktown

Did anyone lose a cat near Flocktown and Drakestown Road? It looks to be of a Himalayan or Ragdoll breed.

submitted 3 weeks ago by RF

It's Delivery

Who delivers food to Long Valley? They don't have to be in Long Valley, I just want them to bring me deliciousness for dollars.

submitted 3 weeks ago by PSL

Volleyball Clinic ~ Renegade Volleyball Club

Renegade Volleyball Club will be hosting a Skills Clinic on Sunday, October 26, 2014 from 9:00am to 3:30pm.

Clinic will include the following sessions: Serve & Receive, Set & Spike, Defense & Games. Cost is $30.00 ~ Lunch Included

-Brush Up On Your Skills, Learn New Skills, For Club and Non-Club Players, For All Ages, Lunch Included With Your Fee, Meet the Coaches & Trainers

To Register for this Clinic, please complete the Clinic Registration Form by visiting our website at: www.RENEGADEVBC.COM

Walk-Ins are always welcome too!

Renegade Athletic Complex, 1620 Route 57, Hackettstown, NJ

submitted 3 weeks ago by Renegade Volleyball

Lost dog

My 7 year old German shepherd is lost. He was outside playing late this evening and now we can't find him. He's the nicest dog. Wouldn't hurt a fly. If you see him please call me. 410-271-3355

submitted 3 weeks ago by Elena

Donations for Rummage Sale Accepted Oct. 13-16

Donations for Rummage Sale Accepted Oct. 13-16Hi everyone,
I just wanted to let you know that the Long Valley Presbyterian Church, on Bartley Rd., will be accepting donations for their rummage sale, starting on Monday, Oct. 13 until Thurs, Oct. 16.
The sale dates are Oct. 17 & 18, & is listed on the events calendar on this forum.
Please click on the photo for more information.

submitted 3 weeks ago by LVPC

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