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Schooleys Mountain Park

Was at the park today.

1. Fix the stairs to the deck. Its a big problem trying to get from the walkway to the deck. Saw and old dude who almost killed himself.

2. Clean up the geese crap on the bridge. Should take 5 minutes 2 times a week.

submitted 20 hours ago by sack

LV Raiders

Do parents typically attend the LV Raiders Football "monthly meetings"? I know they said in an email they are not mandatory but are parents still "expected" to go? Thanks for any info you can give!

submitted 6 days ago by CT

female peacock found

Have you lost a female peacock? Since 7/1914 a female peacock has been coming around to our home on James Trail. She comes around for birdseed and water at least twice a day and can be spotted at different times around the house. Please call 908-876-9223. We have notified animal control that she is here in case someone called looking for their bird.

submitted 7 days ago by Janet Verrilli

Developing Downtown

I guess at least it looks like a mixture of things instead of just strip malls.


submitted 1 week ago by LV4U

Land of Make Believe Tickets

Does anyone have a discount coupon or tickets they would like to sell at a discounted rate? It would be greatly appreciated....

submitted 2 weeks ago by C Thompson

Power Outage Again

This is my second power outage in 10 days. The last one was over 6 hours. Now they are estimating at least 2.5 hours.

submitted 2 weeks ago by lou

Huffing in Long Valley?

Arrested multiple times? With the police can't pry it from her hand? Yikes.


Maybe someone knows a good mental health program because she needs the help. You wonder how many more of these there are in town, canned air is cheap and easy to get.

submitted 3 weeks ago by NLVR

recycling buckets?

Did someone take my four recycling buckets?
Pleasant Grove Road just over the hill from Stephensburg and Califon going west?

They are not abandoned, just emptied by the recycling company.

submitted 3 weeks ago by Ian

Tile Guy

Can anyone recommend a good and reliable tile guy?

I have a floor that needs to be re-tiled.


submitted 4 weeks ago by ScottD13

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