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2014 Kevin M. Walsh Fireworks Festival

Does anyone have any info on whether the Washington Township Community Events Organization (WTCEO) is still in operation and whether there will be the annual Kevin M. Walsh Fireworks Festival and Long Valley Parade?

The WTCEO website, phone, e-mail is not operational - so it doesn't look good. Also tried contacting the administration building of LV but they do no have any solid info on this organization.


submitted 1 week ago by honey badger

Happy birthday sandy Gaskill

Love your kids

submitted 1 week ago by Mike Gaskill


Does anyone know if you need a permit to have one of those fully assembled sheds put on your property?

submitted 1 week ago by Rbc

Missing Cat

Asking if anyone might have seen my cat who's been missing from 300 Schooley's
Mtn. Rd. (tree farm) since July 1. So very sorry now I don't have a picture. She's a small, young adult female (spayed). Looks like a large kitten cause her head is large in
proportion to her body. Her coat is short-hair mostly black and brown tabby-striped,
with white paws and bib with some streaks of orange in-between the stripes--I think that makes her a calico (whatever). Extremely cute and lively, likes people, hates other cats. Was wearing... More

submitted 1 week ago by Chris Scheller

Long Valley Green Festival Family Fun Day

August 16th (Saturday) will be the 3rd annual Green Festival & Family Fun Day. 12 noon - 4pm Rock Spring Park. Sponsored by the LV Green Team and Recreation Commission this event will have plenty of educational, fun and interactive attractions for both parents and children alike! Proceeds benefit future Washington Township Recreation events. Bring a donation of 4 cans for the food pantry and receive a ticket worth $1 (max. of 2 tickets per person). For more info please visit www.wtmorris.org or email recreation@wtmorris.net. There will be a bounce house, dunk booth, live... More

submitted 2 weeks ago by Brian Bartiromo

Natural Gas Service.....

Good Morning, I'm not from the area, thinking of moving there.......is there natural gas service available for home heating, cooking, etc......or only electrical?

Thanks for any info!

submitted 2 weeks ago by Christine

Is schooleys mountain road closed again today?

I know road was closed yesterday.......how about today?

submitted 2 weeks ago by mom of one

Puppy Ran Away

Puppy Ran AwaySchooley's Mountain. August 5, 2014

7 month old Goldendoodle
Knows commands, friendly.

9 Pleasant Grove Road
Long Valley
908 797 4223

I am crazy out of my mind.
Thank you.

submitted 2 weeks ago by blacktie

Looking for a fence and driveway company.

Looking for a fence and driveway paving company. So far I am not having any luck. If anyone has information on any reasonable and reliable company's, it would be much appreciated.

submitted 2 weeks ago by Rob

JCP&L rate hike

Is it just me, or does it seem that JCPL electricity rates have been fluctuating lately? I compared my May, June and July bill for 2014 and the rate for generation and delivery has changed for all three months. It's frustrating not being able to know how much the electricity I'm using right now is costing me and being hit with a bill double last year's cost. It was bad enough that they regularly extorted extra money by overestimating and billing for 'estimated' usage... now they seem to be doing regular meter readings, but the rate is... More

submitted 2 weeks ago by KitKat

Gutter Cleaner

Could anyone recommend a local gutter cleaner?


submitted 2 weeks ago by Courtney

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