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Recommendations fo rmulch and crushed stone?

What's everyone paying for mulch or crushed stone and where are you getting it from? Heralds in Mt Olive wants $33/cubic yard or so for red dyed mulch plus delivery.

What's everyone paying and who do you recommend?

submitted 1 day ago by SteveH

Soil Testing

Anyone ever have their soil tested, composition, mineral content, etc in the Merry Brook, Fawn Ridge area of town?

I have substantial drainage issues with my lawn and will be doing some diy drainage testing to see if it's compaction or a hardpan layer. However I keep reading about clay rich soil that needs to be tilled in with sand and/or calcium or compost, or whatever. I'm looking to find out if our soil is "clay rich" but I'm new to gardening/lawncare so I'm hoping someone has already tested their soil.


submitted 2 days ago by Scott

Shared travel to NYC on 4/19

Is anyone traveling to NYC on 4/19 morning and would be interested in a companion to split costs with?

submitted 1 week ago by Lisa

Power wash and staining a deck

Anyone know of anyone who they would recommend to sand, power wash and stain our deck? Thanks

submitted 1 week ago by Valleygirl

in home daycare

Anyone have any recommendations for an in home daycare professional? We would rather have a person that does it in their home over a live in nanny but we are open to exploring both options. Thanks!

submitted 2 weeks ago by John

Lawn rejuvenating

I'm looking for a referral to have my lawn rejuvenated. The past few years of storms wreaked havoc on my yard with numerous felled trees. I have about 2/3 of an acre that needs to be reseeded along with some top soil is select areas. Does anyone know someone that can be of some assistance?

Thanks in advance

submitted 2 weeks ago by rieltime

LVPC Rummage Sale

LV Presbyterian Church will be having a rummage sale on April 4 & 5. Donation drop offs begin today, March 31. Please call the church 908) 876-3471 or click on the link for more information.


submitted 2 weeks ago by LV Ann

Bald Eagle

Has anyone else seen a Bald Eagle in Long Valley recently? Last week (2/21/14) I saw a Bald Eagle circle over Old Farmers school and fly off towards the middle school. I am sure it was a Bald Eagle, it was low enough to clearly see the white head and white tail. I was just wondering if anyone else has seen it. It is nesting season so they often do not fly too far from their nesting site.

submitted 2 weeks ago by mom2three

Girls' Basketball Summer Day Camp

Girls' Basketball Summer Day CampPlease join Coach Lorie Khalil's 2014 Hoop Stars Summer Camp for Girls Ages 7-14!
Date: Monday, July 21st to Thursday, July 24th
Camp Hours: 9 AM to 4 PM
Location: Franklin Township Community Center (20-25 mins from Long Valley)
Cost: $145 Per Camper ($15 OFF for registrations paid in full by May 15th. Sibling discounts available.)
Camp Highlights:
-Coaching & Instruction by current & former college basketball players & coaches
-Chance to compete & win many awesome camp awards & prizes.
-Free Camp T-Shirt to each camper
-Certificate of Performance to each camper
For sign-up information please contact Lorie Khalil at 610-704-3820 or by email at... More

submitted 3 weeks ago by Lorie Khalil

Barn/stalls for rent

We recently purchased a home in long valley that has a barn and pasture on the land. The previous owners rented the barn and pasture out to someone with horses at one time. Does anyone have any information on possibly doing something like this? Where would one find information about this this? Anyone with experience either renting out or renting from someone care to share their experience with it? Also, if anyone knows of anyone who may be interested please contact me so we can chat. Thanks so much:)

submitted 3 weeks ago by Longvalley

3/22 Pleasant grove is a parking log

Glad local residents were warned about some auction at the end of Pleasant Grove Road. from Glen Ridge to Schooley's Mtn Road there's cars parked on both sides and people just stop in the middle of the road looking for directions...if this is some farm auction, first, I've been here over 30 years and the only farm I know of off Pleasant Grove near there is the one that supplies the mission, second, if it's a farm, why can't they have everyone park on the farm property and NOT halfway out in the road?

submitted 3 weeks ago by Elliot

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